Model 4000 Upright Bag Conveyor

upright bag conveyor model 4000

The Hamer Model 4000 Upright Bag Conveyor is used when hand bagging with a volumetric filler, net weigh or gross weigh scale. It keeps bags in upright position and automatically moves them into position to feed into a bag top sealer. Used with a wide variety of manual bagging operations and applications where bag sizes range from small 3-5 lb bags up to large 40-50 lb bags.

  • Cost effective bag handling
  • 10', 12' or 14' standard lengths
  • Single or double bag rails
  • Self cleaning 8" wing take up pulley
  • 8" lag drive pulley
  • 12" wide 120# PVC belt
  • 3/4 HP, TEFC motor