501 T Tape Sew System (Automation)

Automated Sewing

The Fischbein Model 501 T is the latest in synchronous sewing technology.  This versatile, high production tape sew system features an all new operator HMI with operation and maintenance prompts and an improved powered crepe tape feed system.  Powered by an all new servo motor to drive the sewing head, and with VFD control for the infeed, it provides a fully synchronous sewing system solution that will close both multi-wall paper and laminated woven polypropylene open mouth bags.

  • Closes a variety of bags including flat and gusseted multi-wall paper, and woven polypropylene bags.
  • Empress 201 Sewing head, with its self-lubricating system, delivers trouble-free smooth performance with low vibration. Operating speed is adjustable up to 75 linear feet per minute.
  • Bag Top Trimmer specifically designed with quick change, long life blades that ensure thousands of  hours of trouble-free operation.
  • Head and infeed speeds are set via HMI. A timing belt between sewing head and motor ensures synchronized via variable frequency drives. A timing belt between the sewing head and motor ensures consistent, drift-free control.
  • Comes standard with new, intuitive HMI interface, improved powered crepe tape feed system, easy to adjust infeed, and improved thread control. The PLC and servo motor eliminate the need for a clutch/brake.