PBC 8000 Pinch Bag Closer

High Volume Pinch Bag Closing

The Fischbein Model PBC 8000™ is specifically designed or high volume bagging applications. This heavy duty sealer produces a sift resistant bag closure for a wide array of product from food additives and pet food, to pesticides and fertilizers in pinch style paper bags.  A variable speed, direct drive system provides greater production on automated lines, sealing up to 150 linear feet per minute. The Model PBC 8000’s versatility and speed range makes it the perfect sift proof sealing solution to partner with high speed automation systems.

  • Seals a variety of pre-glued multi-wall, paper pinch-style bags.
  • The patented breakaway design eliminates costly downtime caused by bag jams while allowing easy cleaning and service of the hot-air manifold and bag folder.
  • Sift resistant closures makes it perfect for powders and granulated chemicals, pesticides fertilizer, pet-food and food products.
  • Safe and easy to use control panel with digital temperature display, key pad for variable speed control, and dual emergency stop buttons.
  • Bag top scrubber for dust and debris removal from the seal area