Ensure Maximum Return on Investment with Hamer-Fischbein Service Kits

Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Machine

Proper maintenance not only extends the life of your packaging equipment, it also ensures maximum return on investment by minimizing lost production due to downtime.  


Hamer-Fischbein 2080/2090 Service Kits are designed specifically for your horizontal form, fill and seal machine. Our comprehensive kits are tailored for your maintenance needs and contain genuine spare parts to ensure exact fit, functionality, and reliability.  


Developed to maximize the performance and lifetime of your equipment, our factory certified kits are a cost-effective way to perform planned maintenance and successful service, in as little time as possible.  


Leverage over a century of packaging equipment experience, and the expertise of engineers and technicians who know your equipment inside out and let us help you with your preventative maintenance.  View and download our standard kits, below. For a complete list of Hamer-Fischbein service kits, please contact customer service at parts@hamer-fischbein.com.