Concrete Suppliers Prefer Hamer Robotic Palletizing Systems

Over the past two years we have designed and installed a large number of Robotic palletizing systems for two of the nations largest manufacturers of packaged concrete. These concrete suppliers prefer Hamer Robotic Palletizing systems and chose our technology over other suppliers as we offer:

  • Heavy-Duty construction of bag in-feed and full pallet transfer conveyors
  • Hamer proprietary “EasyPic™” HMI/Operator control.   EasyPic™ is an operator friendly control that makes it easy to run, change programs or design new pallet configurations without using complex robot software or confusing teach pendants
  • High quality, innovative designs that incorporate checkweighers, robust pallet dispenser designs and other control/hardware components designed specifically for the concrete industry

Once installed Robotic Palletizing solutions have proven to be the most efficient and lowest operating cost solution.

The Concrete/Cement industry is looking to improve packaging line efficiency and reduce plant labor requirements.   Robotic palletizing offers a unique opportunity to do both, as robotic palletizers require less plant space to operate and less operator/maintenance interaction during daily operation. Meantime between failures for Robotic arms is approximately 17,000 hours, 7-8 years for most applications.  Hamer partners with global leader of robotic automation solutions, Yaskawa Motoman. 

Hamer offers two primary palletizer designs for the Concrete/Cement industry; Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic palletizers.   Semi-automatic solutions utilize fork trucks to pick and place empty/full pallets.   Fully automatic solutions use pallet dispensers, pallet conveyors and in-line stretch wrappers for a fully- automatic system, stacking bags, feeding pallets and wrapping finished pallets for transport.