Model 100GW or 600NW bagging scale sets new standards for manual bagging lines

Let’s face it…manual bagging is real work.   However equipped with a Hamer 100GW or 600NW bagging scale, a little manual work can easily make your bagging operation profitable, achieving bag rates of up to 25 bags per minute.    Hamer scales are fast, extremely accurate and have the durability to hold up under the toughest of conditions.   Well-engineered, simple operation and fewer controls also mean less maintenance and downtime for your plant. From seed, animal feed, grains, pellet fuels, minerals, and chemicals, Hamer net weigh scales can handle a wide variety of materials with a gravity, belt or vibratory scale feeder.

Hamer is your full resource partner for manual bagging equipment, supplying all of the components needed for your system.   A typical manual bagging system for bagging products in plastic or bag open mouth bags includes:

Having a Hamer 100GW or 600NW bagging scale at the core of your manual bagging system is a wise choice for repeatable accuracy and reliability.   Contact a Hamer sales rep to learn how a Hamer bagging scale can add profitability to your operation.

See this video on Seed Hand Bagging utilizing a 600NW Net weigh scale