Bagging Automation Made Simple with the 1200BH

Bag hanging machine

Model 1200BH Bag Hanger

Bagging automation is made simple and easy with the Hamer 1200BH Bag Hanger. There is no computer programming or necessary tools to switch between bag materials or sizes. Just place the stacks of bags on the bag magazine and the bag hanger then picks, separates and positions the bag for filling. Once a single bag is positioned, the grip arms enter the bag, open it to the maximum width and place it on the bag-filling spout. The clamshell style spout is designed to hold the bag in place and initiate product fill, making your job easy.

Self-cleaning suction cups don’t need any maintenance in dusty environments. As an added production feature, the machine automatically clears missed bags for you. Other features include a bag in place sensor, detecting the bag for filling; no bag, no fill. Plus, anyone is capable of running this machine with the easy to use touch screen interface. Complete your automated line by adding dosing and palletizing with the built in communications between machines.