Serv-Ice – Packaged Ice Bagging

Serv-Ice Increases Production with Form, Fill Seal Automation for Packaged Ice Bagging

Serv-Ice of Oshkosh Wisconsin operates 2 Hamer model 540 form, fill and seal machines in their production facility.  The model 540 offers a great combination of features including; 10% less per bag film use, hot air sealed bags and now with the addition of Hamer’s new 35″ film roll holder, reduced down time for film roll changes.    Traditionally 16-20″ film rolls have been used in the packaged ice industry.   Hamer, working with the leading film suppliers to the ice industry, developed the larger roll holder to improve daily plant production numbers.    Serv-Ice added their large roll holders this past winter and just completed their first summer season running larger rolls of film.  “The results have been outstanding.  We’re working up to running the larger rolls by taking the interim step of running 24″ film rolls over the summer.  We’ve reduced the number of roll changes from an average of 6-8 a day, down to 2 per day.  We typically take about 15 minutes on a roll change to have the operator take time to clean the side seal, run a couple of test bags, make adjustments as needed for differences we find from roll to roll and to be ready to push the button on consistent production.  We don’t want them rushing the change only to have to stop production later.   At 15 minutes a change, we’ve added over 1 hour of production a day.  That means on our 20 lb line, we can produce two additional semi-trucks of product each and every day.   This is huge during peak summer months where production is everything!  As we move up to 30″+ rolls this will only improve.  It’s been the fastest, least expensive way to add 10-20% additional production to our plant.   It’s really been a no-brainer.”  Tom Leske, Owner Serv-Ice



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