Animal Feed Palletizing with the Hamer RPM Robotic Palletizing Module

A Minnesota-based feed company with a plant dedicated to bagging nutritional pre-mixes and minerals is benefiting from the addition of a Hamer RPM Robotic Palletizing Module in their facility for low cost automation.   This animal feed palletizing system is primarily semi-automatic and includes a Hamer 600NW bagging scale, a 1200BH bag hanger and a Yaskawa Motoman Robot for palletizing. It is a two-man standing operation: one assisting with bag labeling and positioning into the sew-top sealer, another to drive the fork truck to remove full pallets from the palletizing cell and bring to the shrink wrapping station.   They are reaping the benefits of lower labor cost by minimizing the number of workers needed, and eliminating almost all of their palletizing labor.   In addition, the plant is also maximizing production bags rates at upwards 20 bags per minute.   The automation also provides management at the feed plant with more predictability in their forecasting and production volumes.

The Hamer RPM Robotic Palletizing Module keeps production numbers at a maximum and is easy to use, providing 80% of palletizing automation at a lower cost than the fully automatic systems.

Watch the video of this operation on YouTube.

For more information, contact Hamer to learn how a RPM Robotic Palletizing Module can lower costs in your bagging operation.