Model 540 Ice Bagging Machine Maximizes your Automation Investment

Model 540 Ice Bagging Machine

Model 540 Ice Bagging Machine

As we head into the hot, summer months and potential storm season, packaged ice producers must be prepared to meet the high demand for bagged ice at times when it is most needed.   With over 30 years of experience in the packaged ice industry, Hamer’s Form, Fill and Seal ice bagging machines are engineered to meet this challenge as well as enable you to gain a significant return to your bottom line.

The Model 540 Form, Fill and Seal machine is a small footprint design that provides easy automation.   Its numerous benefits have a direct impact on your business’ profitability.   These include:

  • High speeds to increase overall daily packaging production
  • 20% reduced usage in film due to machine technology
  • Reduced labor due to automation


High Speed

This machine is fast – our customers are achieving production speeds of 40+ bags per minute for up to a 40 lb. bag. We have also included variable speed controls on the volumetric filler to speed bag changes and the same control on the hot air sealer to make matching conveyor speeds fast and easy.   Made of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant, stainless steel, this packaging machine is built for ease of cleaning and long-lasting, trouble free service.


Reduced film usage

Heat-sealed bags have an advantage as they reduce bag cost, increase graphics display space and provide a safe “tamperproof” package.   Hamer’s 500HS hot air sealer incorporated in line on the Model 540 provides high performance and durability at a low cost.



If you are adding bag options like a date coder, gussets, in bag handles or zipper; the Model 540 remains easy to run and keeps running fast, no matter which options you add.


Small Investment, Big Returns

For an initial investment amount under $100,000, you can effectively automate your packaged ice business.   Your wise investment in the Model 540 will continue to pay off due to the machine’s high performance, reliability, all backed by Hamer’s technical expertise and superior customer service.   It is not unheard of that an investment payback will come after just one year of production.

bagged ice

Packaged Ice with Zipper Lock bag