Ice Packaging Machine Upgrades

Packaging Ice Machine

Model 540 Form, Fill and Seal for Packaging Ice

Hamer’s engineering and service teams improved the functional operation of our Model 540 Form, Fill and Seal, the most popular Ice Packaging Machine at Hamer. As a standard of the packaged ice industry, our team researched methods to increase uptime, reduce machine wear and simplify operation. The result is over 20 changes and upgrades on the Model 540 Ice Packaging Machine. All of these enhancements have been in place since October 2013, so now every ice packaging machine we sell is a much better machine. For a complete list of upgrades or to purchase cost effective Upgrade Packages for the Model 540 and Model 535, contact your local ice machine distributor or call Hamer Service at 1-800-927-4674 for more information. Next day delivery of parts is available for some ice packaging machine upgrades.

Ice Packaging Machine Upgrades

  • Additional Fill Conveyor Lift Chain Assembly Kit
  • Film Clamp Assembly Kit
  • Taper Lock Assembly Kit
  • Punch Clamp Upgrade Kit
  • Tensioner Upgrade Kit
  • Side Seal Assembly and Spring Upgrade Kit


  • Improve conveyor support
  • Reduce wear of surrounding parts by increasing operational life of parts
  • Less waste with improved side seal
  • Reduce machine maintenance
  • Reduce operator interactions

Optional Ice Machine Add Ons

  • Date Coder
  • Bag Bottom Gusset
  • Bag Top Trimmer
  • Handle Former
  • Reclosable zipper
  • Color touch screen operator control