Arpac Pro-Series Stretch Wrapper


Arpac's PRO-SERIES® enjoys the reputation of being one of the most cost-effective semi-automatic machines on the market today. A new ergonomic sturdy design, with chains enclosed in the tower frame, ensures safer operation. Standard features include: illuminated adjustable (0-7) LED top & bottom wrap counters, top overwrap control, cycle pause, and variable speed controls for both turntable and carriage.


• Heavy-duty, welded steel construction (no plastic panels) designed for long life
• Variable turntable speed using 1/2 hp, 90 Vdc motor
with ANSI 50 chain drive system, no rubber belts
• Up to 12 RPM rotating table can deliver 25–40 loads per hour
• Long-range photo eye for automatic load height sensing
• Automatic top film over wrap control feature (TOC)
• Adjustable top and bottom illuminated LED wrap counters
• Cycle pause feature
• Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
• Manual jog control for turntable
• Eco-friendly, durable, powder coating


• Extended film towers for wrapping taller loads exceeding standard machine capability
• Top platen device to stabilize tall or light unstable loads during rotation
• Access ramps to assist loading of pallet
• Automatic film tear device (AFTD) tears film at the end of the wrapping cycle
• Split-frame construction to increase film tower clearance for oversized loads
• Cycle counter to count the actual cycles of machine operation
• Extended umbilical cords for split-frame models
• Integrated scale and printer available


Turntable size low-profile:

  • 60" diameter (standard)
  • 72" diameter (optional)
  • (Larger sizes available)

Turntable size high-profile:

  • 50" square (standard)
  • 50 × 90" rectangular (option)

Max. load diagonal clearance:

  • 85" (standard turntable)
  • 102" (optional turntable)

Max. load weight: 4,000 lb. (standard)

Turntable rotation speed:  Up to 12 RPM

Variable carriage speed: Up to 21 FPM

Loads wrapped per hour: 25 to 40

Max. load height low profile:

  • Standard Tower 81" max load height
  • Optional extensions available (12, 24, and 36") - 93", 105", and 117" option

Max. load height high profile:

  • Standard tower 74" max. load height
  • Optional extensions available (12, 24, and 36") - 86", 98", and 110" option

Electrical power requirements: 120 VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 10 A, 1.2 kW

Standard shipping weight:

  • low-profile 1,525 lb.
  • high-profile 1,260 lb.

• EZ-Load® film pre-stretch dispenser for 20" film rolls
• Dual anti-static film rollers with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
• Film pre-stretch capability from 150 to 300% stretch
(200% standard)
• Variable carriage speed up to 21 feet per minute
• 1/2 hp, 90 Vdc motor with ANSI 40 chain lift drive
• Dancer bar variable-corner compensation
• Electronic film tension adjustment control


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