Model 3100ex Form Fill & Seal (FFS) Bagging Machine

3100ex Form Fill Seal Packaged Ice Bagging

The Model 3100ex Form, Fill and Seal is designed for extreme duty automated bagging.  It is built specifically for the most difficult products in demanding environments. Ideal for mining, minerals, corrosives and aggregates packaging, the Model 3100ex offers longevity and high-speed.  It can be utilized as a stand-alone packaging machine or integrated into a fully automated packaging line.

  • Up to 30+ bags per minute
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Touch Screen operator control
  • 24VDC Controls with Solid State Relays
  • Self-cleaning, double sealed pulleys and bearings
  • EasyChangeTM jaw sizes for fast bag size changes
  • Heavy-duty self cleaning bag conveyors
  • Operator safety gates, expanded metal with cut offs
  • 304 stainless steel product contact points
  • Dual seal hot air bag top seal w/knurl
  • Integrated bag top seal cooling
  • Automatic bag top seal cleaner
  • Shake ChuteTM rock in-feed chute
  • Dust removal in-feed chute
  • Bag Top Seal Air Scrubber
  • EZ LoadTM horizontal roll holder
  • Handle Options
  • Hardox(R) Hardened Steel Fill chute
  • Bag bottom gusset
  • Mitered corner seal
  • Bag top trim with scrap removal system
  • Various coding and printing technologies

A Horizontal Roll Stand can be used with the Hamer-Fischbein Model 3100.   We have also added a newly developed pneumatic roll lift as a convenient upgrade.  This roll lift automatically picks up full rolls of film from ground position, eliminating the need for fork truck or hoist loading of full rolls.   Roll changes are fast with the pneumatic roll lift; simply insert the core holder in the roll and roll into place.   Then with the push of a button, the film roll is lifted into place, ready for threading into the Form, Fill and Seal.   Less change over time means higher production rates and pallets per hour. No fork truck or hoist lifting rolls improves plant safety too.

  • Dimensions: L 20 ft (6.1 m), W 5 ft (1.525 m), H 5 (1.525 m)
  • Electrical: 230VAC, 3 PH, 60 Hz, 60amp
  • Air: 40 CFM @ 80 PSI
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 10,000lbs
  • Polyethylene Film Stock Specifications:
  • Material thickness: 2 mil to 8 mil
  • Core diameter: 3 in
  • Roll diameter: 24 in on 'A' Version; and up to 40 in on "B" Versin

Bag Sizes:

  • W 9 in to 22 in , L 33 in
  • Optional Gusset 3 in to 6 in, 4 mil max

Opening Size Selector:

  • Fill Opening:  4 in
    • Bag Size: 9 in to 22 in
  • Fill Opening: 6 in
    • Bag Size: 1 0 3/4 in to 22 in
  • Fill Opening: 8 in
    • Bag Size: 12 3/4 in to 22 in
  • Fill Opening: 10 in
    • Bag Size: 14 3/4 in to 22 in
  • Fill Opening: 12 in
    • Bag Size: 16 3/4 in to 22 in

Coming Soon.