Animal Feed Bagging of Textured and Sweet Feeds made Easy!

Bagging Scale

600NW Net Weigh Bagging Scale with Belt Feed Option

The Model 600NW Belt Feed Scale for textured and sweet feeds is the perfect net weigh scale for animal feed bagging.  As these blended feeds are typically more moist and sticky, and less free-flowing that other feed options, our belt feed scale efficiently moves the product through the scale to the weigh bucket with two-speed VFD controlled motors for fast/slow fill. Operators achieve up to 18 bags per minute with a Simplex (single) scale version, and up to 25+ with a Duplex configuration.   This scale includes mechanical design innovations, including an all new weigh bucket design, durable load cell mounting and proprietary operator software.   All of these features provide highly accurate, repeatable filling and minimize costly material give-away during the bagging process.

Cross-contamination between sensitive blends and potential mycotoxin growth due to product moisture are common issues for this application.   The Model 600NW Belt Feed scale minimizes these issues with its slide out, Easy Clean™ system.   Operators quickly pull out the entire belt assembly out of its housing by simply removing a few thumb screws and releasing a clamp.   The belt then rolls out clear of the belt housing for access to the entire belt surface to facilitate cleaning or maintenance.

Producers consider multiple factors when selecting filling equipment best-suited for a given grain or feed bagging application. The Hamer Model 600NW Belt Feed scale is the best option available on the market today for its durability, high performance, accuracy, and accessibility for ease of cleaning.

Textured Sweet Feeds